Our workshops offer you an unparalleled level of personal attention by world-class instructors, all in a seamless experience that lets you focus on your camera. We meticulously research every destination to ensure you get the best possible experience from the moment you arrive. Marc, Andy, and our team of instructors share decades of experience photographing landscapes and cities all over the world, and through the years have discovered the best times, vantage points, and hidden sites that only the most dedicated explorers ever see. We also collaborate with on-the-ground local guides who live and breathe these locations, arranging for exclusive access to areas normally off-limits to tourists.

Most workshops include lodging, meals, and transportation, meaning that all you have to worry about is your education. Visit our testimonials and gallery and see some of the incredible moments past Muench Workshops students have captured. For more information check out our FAQ page.

Muench Workshops operates on the principles of responsible and ethical photography. We obey all rules and regulations, and we always have proper permits, certification, and insurance to operate our workshops. We always obtain permission from landowners to photograph on their private property. We are respectful of all fences, fields, crops, streams, bridges, roads, wildlife, children, pets, pedestrians, tourists, and other photographers. We always obey the "leave no trace" principle. Whether it's a National Park, a capital city, or a remote wilderness, we are the guests, and we will act accordingly.

  • Just in case I didn’t say it (or say it enough) – thank you, thank you, and thank you! It was obvious that an incredible amount of time was spent planning and coordinating everything, and I so appreciate it. All of the instructors, models etc were very personable, and I felt like we were all a big bunch of friends out shooting rather than “teacher/student”. It’s always funny (to me) to pick out the “workshop” participants vs the “tour” participants, and you guys handled the needs of both (at least from my perspective) brilliantly.
    — Chellie Hyre, California Ranch Experience '12, Iceland ’15, Palouse ’15, Svalbard ’16, Yukon ’16, San Juan River ’17
  • Great instruction, talented and friendly people, inspiring locations..., hard to ask for much more than that!
    — Steve Hallmark, Lightroom ’12, SB Outback ’13, Iceland ’13, Glacier ’13, Iceland ’14, Canadian Rockies ’14, Scotland ’14, New Zealand ’16, Norway ’17 and Tombstone ‘17
  • The Acadia workshop exceeded all my expectations. Juan is a great addition to your staff of outstanding professional photographers. Juan can teach photography as well as create great photographs. When in the field he makes sure that he works with everyone, not just favorites. I would certainly take another workshop you and I always recommend you guys to anyone who asks about photography workshops.
    — Ron Gaddis, Death Valley ’12, Big Sur ’13, Utah ’13, Yosemite ’14, Arches ’14, Arizona ’15, Acadia ’15, Oregon ’16, Alaska ’17, Tuolumne ‘17