For me, there is no greater joy than the AHA! moment that a guest has when we’re on location at a very cool place, and they’ve just shot their best photograph using what I’ve taught them.
— Andy

Andy Williams

Andy has been a photographer all his life. His professional work can be found here on his website. Andy is also a published author and his work hangs in boardrooms and living rooms around the world. He is co-host with Juan Pons of the acclaimed reCOMPOSE Podcast, which covers a wide variety of photography topics and subjects on a weekly basis.

Andy has a tremendous passion for travel and landscape, wildlife and situational photography.

Andy loves photography, and sharing his knowledge and experience. One of the true "internet gurus" of photography, he's been "online" for well over 15 years helping photographers learn and grow. It was from his love of photography and teaching that these workshops were born. Over the years, Andy and Marc have developed a close working relationship and have honed in on unique and effective teaching methods. Both share the ultimate goal of "passing it along" to their workshop guests.

What has become evident over the years is that Andy not only excels at his craft, but at teaching others.  Andy has an ability to distill complicated subjects down to practical methods that his students can employ immediately. 

Andy is a certified Wilderness First Responder