Photography Workshop vs. Photography Tour

Note from Andy & Marc: We couldn't agree more with our good friend Rick Sammon, there's a huge difference between a "photo tour" and a "photo workshop"! All of our workshops feature intensive in-the-field instruction, critiques, and workflow/post-processing instruction every day. When you attend one of our workshops, you'll be immersed in photography from before sunrise until well after sunset - and we do love to do photography at night as well! Now, for a guest post by Rick, world-famous for his many books, apps, daily blogging, and of course, his photo workshops.  

First, I want to thank Andy and Marc for having me as a guest blogger here on their site. Marc and Andy are great photographers - and people! I am honored to be here. Because we lead workshops - and not photo tours - I thought the topic of workshops vs. tours was appropriate. Like Marc and Andy, I lead many workshops around the world, and I am often asked: "what's the difference between a photography tour and a photography workshop?" Here goes. But before I get going here, photo tours are great... for those who want to go on sightseeing tours. Workshops, like the ones I lead, are designed for photographers who want to grow and expand their creative vision. 

Workshops: Designed to get you the very best shots from dawn to dusk. Getting up at 3 AM is no prob. 
Photo Tours: Leave at 9 and set your day around meals. 

Workshops: If you are driving and see something good, stop and shoot. 
Photo Tours: Keep on driving. 

Workshops: Usually cars or 4W drive vehicles. 
Photo Tours: Bus tours. 

Workshops: Hands-on training - daily - by the instructor or instructors. 
Photo Tours: You are on your own. 

Workshops: Photo reviews almost daily. 
Photo Tours: No reviews. 

Workshops: Photoshop and Lightroom advice and help. 
Photo Tours: Computers are not even required. 

Workshops: Group slide show. 
Photo Tours: Only show is to show up for dinner. 

Workshops: Leave on-time for sunrise. 
Photo Tours: Who cares if you are late? 

Workshops: Briefing on each location as to lenses, settings, etc. 
Photo Tours: Very little suggestions by leaders. 

Workshops: Instructors ask you how you are doing. 
Photo Tours: Leaders are there only as tour guides. 

Workshops: If you find something really cool to photograph, the groups changes plans so all can get great pictures. 
Photo Tours: Get to the next stop. 

Workshops: Instructors share their shots on their camera's LCD monitors so others can see and learn. 
Photo Tours: Instructors are often first on the spot. 

I hope to see you someday on one of my workshops.  Thank you again, Marc and Andy! Good fun being here. 

Explore the light, Rick