Hack your Panasonic GX7 Flash in 10 Seconds

We all know that most built-in camera flashes don’t always give great results. Direct, harsh ugly lighting for the most part. But if you need it, you need it. I love the m4/3s system, and on the Panasonic GX7, the on-board flash actually articulates, and it’s able to be made into a bounce flash with just a simple rubber band. No tools or firmware changes are required. Just open the flash as normal and put the rubber band around it, and loop the other end of the band around the screen or bottom of the camera, depending on how tight your rubber band is. Be careful not to use a rubber band that is too tight, you want just enough tension so that the flash points up at the ceiling. With the right rubber band tension, you can also angle the flash at less than 90 degrees. Keep a spare around the eyepiece, if you like.

Here are a couple of photos showing how it’s done.

Enjoy (bounce flash) photography.

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