Antarctic Inspiration

As a long-time photographer, Antarctica inspires me like no other place I’ve ever been. I’ve spent over 30 years visiting this remote region of the world, and every time I come away with something new, that surprises and inspires me photographically. In addition to the commercial diving I conduct in various locations on the peninsula, I have also served as a zodiac boat driver and guide. This work allows me to see the excitement and exhilaration of the visitors as they see these unique places for the first time. It’s easy to have your senses overloaded the first time out. Many people imagine Antarctica as a place of stark whites and blacks. Nothing could be further from the truth.

On the Antarctic Peninsula in the summer, the sun doesn’t set. Still, there are different qualities of light during late evening and early morning that linger, giving an opportunity to capture the many different hues of the ice and snow. This, combined with active wildlife, makes each visit unique.

In this picture, I was intrigued by the penguin tracks, the posture of the Gentoo penguin, the women’s red jacket, the shadows, the blue shades of the water and sky, and the contours of the snow-covered glacier. I managed to slither into position on my stomach so everything aligned. I used a 24-105mm lens, giving me flexibility with the focal range if the penguin did not let me get as close as I had hoped.

I’m very much looking forward to Antarctica with Muench Workshops in December of 2017!

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