Antarctica: The Photographer’s Paradise

It is ironic, that a place so stark, cold, remote, and inhospitable is coveted by so many photographers.

But then again, when you think how far photographers will go to get shots that inspire, amaze, and gratify them, it’s no wonder.

Simply put: there’s no place like it.

Antarctica is actually an inviting place, teeming with life. Imagine coming upon a glacier that creates an icescape that seems like it could be on another planet.

Or photographing a breaching humpback whale, whose size is as astounding as it is majestic.

Or picture yourself out on a zodiac, photographing icebergs that, with their colors and shapes, appear like sculptures afloat in the sea. And there’s nothing quite like standing face-to-face among a community of penguins, each of which seems to have a personality just waiting to be captured in its eyes and expressions.

More than just home to spectacular images, Antarctica is a catharsis. Being somewhere so distant, so removed from the day-to-day, so very different from everything that is “normal,” it’s no wonder our clients can’t help but return home pondering their “life-changing experience.”

That’s the advantage of joining a team that has conducted photography workshops around the world for over a decade: Getting to the best spots at the best times or having many professionals who will open your eyes to more image possibilities, or a naturalist to deepen your connection to the environment and wildlife around you. And, I dare say – having all the details worked out for you in ways that make their complexity seem so darn simple.

More so, there’s nothing like being among others who aren’t in a rush to constantly move on, but rather to savor the moment and pause to truly see the scene they’re in, and have the freedom to become immersed in the photographic possibilities. Where you can ask questions, bounce ideas, or just wander off on your own and see what awaits.

In Antarctica, all this is magnified on a scale unlike anywhere else on earth. You can’t help but be pulled in, delightfully lost in the enormity of the place, and gleeful that you and your camera are indeed in a photographer’s paradise.

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