Antarctica: The Photographer’s Paradise

Despite its remote and inhospitable location, Antarctica is coveted by many photographers. The stark, otherwordly landscapes inspire, and the continent teems with amazing wildlife. Simply put, there is no place else on earth like the frozen continent.

Humpback whale breaches in Antarctica

Penguins always delight photographers with their quirky personalities and antics. Whales often feed in the nutrient-rich waters of Antarctica, and if luck is on your side, you may see a breaching humpback whale or pod of orcas. Seals lounging on the beach or sparring with each other are common, and sea birds are abundant.

Zodiac cruises put you up close with deep blue icebergs, appearing like spectacular sculptures afloat in the sea. Sometimes these icebergs reveal small groups of penguins taking refuge.

More than just home to spectacular images, Antarctica is a catharsis. Being somewhere so distant, so removed from the day-to-day, so very different from everything that is “normal,” it’s no wonder our clients can’t help but return home pondering their “life-changing experience.”

Traveling on a photography workshop is the best way to see Antarctica. We control the ship’s itinerary to get you in the best spots at the right time for epic photographs. Having professional photography instructors and naturalists on board will help you improve your photography and deepen your connection to the environment and wildlife around you.

There’s nothing better than traveling with a group of like-minded photographers who aren’t in a rush but savor the moment and pause to explore a scene’s photographic possibilities. You can ask questions, bounce ideas, or wander off and see what awaits.

Antarctica magnifies all this on a scale unlike anywhere else on earth. You can’t help but be pulled in, delightfully lost in the enormity of the place, and gleeful that you and your camera are indeed in a photographer’s paradise.

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