COVID-19 Coronavirus and Workshop Travel

As the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic continues to affect us all, we understand you have concerns about how your upcoming workshops will be impacted.

The health and safety of our workshop participants and instructors is our first priority and will inform all of our decisions during this pandemic. We want you to know that we are monitoring the situation closely, and we are making adjustments to our workshop schedule as necessary. We will continue to make cancellation decisions as soon as it is possible and practical. Our workshops will resume when (and where) scientific and government authorities indicate travel is safe. And at that time, we will have appropriate health, hygiene, and social distancing protocols in place for the workshops that we are running.

Muench Workshops COVID-19 Workshop Protocols

For more information on COVID-19 and travel, please visit:

CDC COVID-19 Coronavirus Daily Situation Summary

CDC Global Travel Updates

We also recognize that everyone is traveling and photographing less, and we’d like to help you make the most of this time. While we all dream of exotic destinations, you don’t have to wait to get shooting! Join us for our free bi-weekly webinars, and build your skills with our monthly photography assignments blog. Our team of pros is here to help you, and we all look forward to engaging with you online at Muench University. Stay tuned for more learning opportunities to come!

We can all get through this tough time together and come out stronger on the other side. Until we’re back to traveling, stay safe and wash your hands!

Questions or concerns? We’re here for you.

Thank you,

Andy, Marc, Dave, and Zac

Muench Workshops

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