COVID-19 Photo Workshop Protocols

COVID-19 vaccine

Unless you have a medical reason, having proof of the COVID-19 vaccine is a requirement to attend our workshops. Muench Workshops pros, guides, and staff are fully vaccinated. If you are medically unable to be vaccinated, you must bring a negative COVID test with you that is done not more than 72 hours from the start of the workshop.

COVID-19 testing

Depending on the location of the workshop or other reasons, you may be required to bring proof of a negative COVID-19 test with you. We will advise if this is the case. Also, as of January 2021, proof of viral negative test is required to re-enter the United States.

Traveling to the workshop

Please be extra vigilant while traveling: practice good hand hygiene, use disinfectant wipes often, wash your hands as much as possible, and maintain social distancing as much as possible. Remember that traveling will be much different, so allow more time and be ready for long queues and differences with check-in and seating. Check for special policies and procedures in advance with your carriers, airports, and hotels.

During the workshop

  • On July 27, 2021, the US CDC issued new guidelines regarding fully vaccinated people and indoor mask-wearing. We will adhere to these guidelines, read about it here.
  • As of April 27, 2021, the US CDC issued new guidelines regarding fully vaccinated people and mask wearing. We will adhere to these guidelines, so for the most part, mask wearing outdoors will not be required. Read it here.
  • As much and as often as possible, social distance will be maintained at all times.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at all times and everyone should use it regularly through the workshop.
  • Muench Workshops staff will not handle your equipment unless absolutely necessary, and if we do, we will first use hand sanitizer.
  • We will follow and adhere to any and all local guidelines and rules regarding COVID-19.


  • Guests will be in single rooms as long as they are available, and a single supplement will be charged. Note that this is usually not possible aboard most of the ships and boats that we charter.


We will have as few guests per vehicle as possible. In buses and vans, we will endeavor to have a seat open between guests.

  • Vehicles will be cleaned daily.
  • Door handles and other high-touch surfaces will be cleaned throughout the day.


As much as is practical and possible, we will maintain social distancing at mealtimes. Sometimes meals will be at restaurants, sometimes in our meeting rooms, and sometimes “on the run” while we are traveling.

Critiques and classroom instruction

All critiques will be in a room where social distancing can be maintained.

If someone shows symptoms of COVID-19

If someone exhibits symptoms of COVID-19, they will be immediately isolated from the group, and plans will be made to get them medical attention, testing, and removal from the workshop, and quarantine if needed. This could result in the termination of the workshop, solely at our discretion.