I love sharing my passion for photography, especially when I can work closely with a guest to help them realize their vision - and there’s nothing better than rallying the troops at oh-dark-thirty to go out and shoot a glorious sunrise!
— Dave Porter
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Dave Porter

Dave began his professional photography career in high school when he wrangled a job shooting black and white real estate photos for a local newspaper (developing his prints in his family’s barn/darkroom).  His passion for shooting stayed strong and in 1989 he graduated with a formal education from Pasadena’s famed Art Center College of Design.  Returning to the San Francisco Bay Area, Dave’s love of the outdoors and nature inspired him to focus on location photography. 

His work continues to been represented by Getty Images and Alamy, and his accounts have included destination guides, restaurants, architects and Brown Trout Publishers to name a few.  At Brown Trout he indulged his love of dogs by specializing in capturing the images of a broad variety of dog breeds for calendars.  You will also see his work in national advertising campaigns, text books and magazines.  Dave never stops shooting, in fact, while on his honeymoon one casual click on a particularly beautiful beach in Hawaii, led to a cover on Sunset Magazine!  

There are few who know Yosemite better than Dave; as a teenager he climbed most of its peaks.  More recently, he has really enjoyed sharing his knowledge and experience with other intrepid photographers through a series of Muench workshops not just in Yosemite but also in Iceland (in December!), Canada, Scotland and the glorious National Parks in California, Utah and Montana.  And if that isn’t enough to keep life interesting – Dave is also an avid fly fisherman!    Dave splits his free time between Truckee and San Jose in California with his wife, Susan.  You can view Dave's inspiring work here.