Falklands, South Georgia, Antarctica Aboard the Polar Pioneer

Polar Pioneer

Our home as we sail, photograph, and explore the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and Antarctica is the MV Polar Pioneer. The Polar Pioneer was built in Finland in 1982, and the ship was originally an ice-strengthened research vessel with ice class 1A Super, which is perfect for navigation in polar regions with heavy sea ice.

The Polar Pioneer is a true expedition ship, large enough for our voyage, but small enough to access places that larger ships cannot.

You have a choice of single cabins or sharing cabins. We can easily match you up with a great cabinmate.

All cabins in the ship are outward-facing, meaning you can enjoy the views of Antarctica’s icy waters. All cabins include ample storage space, a writing desk, and a hairdryer.

Public areas feature two large dining rooms, a cozy lounge to relax in, and observation decks. There is also a sauna on board, along with a small infirmary with an onboard doctor. Laundry service is available. 

The Polar Pioneer’s expert captain, officers, and crew are highly experienced in Antarctic navigation and have a great love of nature. 

We provide a specialist team of photographic professionals, international expedition leaders, and lecturers, all extremely knowledgeable, enthusiastic, helpful, and dedicated to the protection of the environment and your experience and photography on the expedition. Our chefs prepare excellent cuisine including many local specialties and the bar is well-stocked with carefully selected wines and spirits. Special dietary needs can be accommodated, of course!

Polar Pioneer
Polar Pioneer