These are companies whose products we use and recommend highly to our workshop guests. We’re confident you will love them as much as we do! Please use the links below to purchase, you’ll be helping us out. Thanks!
— Andy, Marc & Dave

Mindshift Gear

Says Marc:

"If you’re like me and have stored up more camera bags than common sense, you will like this radical new design by MindShift called the rotation180° Professional and they just recently announced the smaller version, the rotation180° Panorama. I have personally tested this pack on many recent shoots from the high alpine country of the Windriver Mountain Range of Wyoming to the waterfalls of Iceland. After learning how to re-invent my old bad habits of working with a pack in the field, I can now say that this pack has saved me more time and energy than any piece of equipment I've ever owned"

UPDATE 3/19/2015: Check out Dave's Review of the MindShift rotation180° Panorama!

Need gear for one of our workshops?  Borrowlenses has it all - camera bodies, lenses, and more.  It's a great service, they ship you what you want on-time and you use the gear - then ship it back, it's a snap! Oh and Muench Workshops customers get 10% off just by using code "muenchworkshop" at checkout.



Bay Photo Lab

Bay Photo offers complete pro lab services to professional photographers throughout the United States and around the world. Prints of all sizes and variety - traditional paper prints, gallery blocks, albums, books, MetalPrints, Canvas and more. After your workshop, print those beautiful images!  Muench Workshops customers can get a 10% discount, just contact us for details.  New to Bay Photo? We'll get you 25% off your first order.


Wool & Prince


Wool&Prince uses merino wool to create clothing that naturally resists odors and wrinkles while being 6x more durable than cotton. Turns out that makes for a great travel shirt that you can look (and smell!) great anywhere.