logistics assistant

Muench Workshops is in need of a Logistics Assistant. We’re a small, fun company looking for a part-time, independent contractor to work twenty hours a week. Compensation is based on experience. 

Job Requirements:

  • You will be interacting directly with our clients, so you need to be comfortable and friendly on the phone and in email. You must be able to communicate clearly and accurately, and have good grammar, spelling, and writing skills.
  • Building, launching, and maintaining our workshops involves a huge number of details. You need to be very detail oriented, and able to track and follow-up on all of the details for as many as 100 workshops at a time.
  • All of our systems are shared from our computers. You need to be technically savvy, and feel comfortable in Google Sheets, our custom database system, E-mail, Slack, and more. 
  • You must have access to a computer on a reliable and fast internet connection, and a quiet working space, where you can talk to clients, vendors, and us without distraction.
  • You must be self-motivated, be able to manage a list of tasks, report on progress and completion, and keep regular and reliable hours.
  • Helping people, giving great customer service, should be in your DNA.

You’ll be:

  • logging new client registrations and payments.
  • coordinating flights, visas, insurance, and other workshop-specific items, directly with clients.
  • assisting in the creation and the distribution to clients of workshop information and documents.
  • assisting with booking accommodations, vehicles, and other components of our workshops, and managing these on an ongoing basis.

We'll train you:

  • to enter data into our systems.
  • to create documents and reports from our systems.
  • how and when to communicate with our clients.
  • how to find and negotiate deals for goods and services we require.

Have you got what it takes? Let us know!

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