Photo by Jay Kleiman

Kevin Lisota

Kevin Lisota is a professional photographer, videographer and web developer located in Seattle, Washington. After a technology career at Microsoft, he became a photojournalist for the technology news site GeekWire where he photographs the important people, news and events in the technology industry. He also is frequently on assignment photographing professional sports such as the NFL, MLS, NBA, PGA and tennis. His favorite assignment as a journalist is to photograph rocket launches using remote cameras at the launch pad.

Kevin’s true photographic passion is nature and wildlife photography, regularly exploring the nearby mountains and national parks in the Pacific Northwest or staying up all night to experience the night sky through astrophotography. He also has a passion for adventure travel and leading photography workshops to remote places around the globe. He enjoys teaching photography and watching photographers learn and improve their work.


Kevin uses a variety of Nikon cameras in his still photography work, Sony cameras for his videography and DJI drones and GoPro cameras to capture uncommon perspectives.

Kevin’s work is here.