Lisa LaPointe


Lisa grew up in Michigan and Ohio, spending summers on and around the Great Lakes. Inflenced by an upbringing immersed in woods and water, she completed a BS degree in biology at the University of Michigan in 2001. Many subsequent years were spent working between four walls, but after a travel sabbatical across several continents, she never really looked back. In 2013, Lisa returned to the water as a naturalist guide on a liveaboard dive boat in the Dominican Republic, facilitating undersea observation of humpback whales. She later worked as mate, then captain, in both Southeast Alaska and southern California, introducing guests to the natural history and wildlife of those regions. Hundreds of days at sea have nourished a passion for the marine environment, and a love for sharing it with others. An enthusiastic teacher and lecturer, she has designed a number of educational programs on marine wildlife, and has regularly given talks on biology topics and conservation for children and adults.

Lisa began pursuing photography alongside biology, repurposing her university’s old science lab darkroom to make black and white art prints. Over a decade and a half (and many camera upgrades) later, Lisa continues to study and teach photography. She often contributes her wildlife images for conservation initiatives, and hopes they will inspire people to learn more about wildlife and wild places.

Lisa is trained as a Wilderness EMT and holds current licensure as a Wilderness First Responder.