Photo by Jay Kleiman

Neil Protheroe

Neil is originally from the UK. After an extensive career in the hospitality industry, he has now made his home in Kaikoura, New Zealand, where he divides his time between running his luxury boutique hotel, Manakau Lodge, and pursuing his love of landscape photography. He spends as much time as possible travelling around the country making new images of the stunning New Zealand scenery through the seasons, running small workshops and teaching students, and guiding and hosting visitors to the South Island.

Neil has been photographing from a very early age, encouraged and taught by his father, who at the time worked for Kodak. His passion for capturing the natural beauty of the landscape around him was particularly reinvigorated with the advent of digital photography. He has travelled extensively, and in addition to now selling his collection of fine art images to guests and clients around the world, Neil’s work has been featured in a number of newspapers, travel magazines and journals, and is often seen at international conferences and trade shows, as part of Tourism New Zealand’s international sales and marketing programs.

Neil is married to Eileen, has two daughters, and is a serving member of the Kaikoura Tourism board.