Cecilia Costa
Cecilia Costa

Cecilia Costa is a professional photographer and birder from Argentina. She grew up in Buenos Aires, where she received a BA in education and a degree in natural sciences and professional photography. She is a licensed trekking guide, certified first responder, and co-founder of the El Chalten Birdwatchers Club. As an enthusiastic member of Aves Argentinas, Cecilia has traveled all over Argentina and other destinations. She has published several guides about the flora and fauna of Patagonia. Since 1998, Cecilia has made her home in El Chalten—located at the foot of Mt. Fitzroy—and leads trekking, birding, and photography tours throughout southern Patagonia and Latin America.


The workshop exceeded expectations! Randy and Ceci are outstanding professionals who work exceptionally well as a team. They obviously have a deep respect for each other and that translates well into the way they built their very positive relationships with us as individuals and as a team. Gotta love the way Randy leads, directs, coaches suggests, and shares his vast knowledge of the craft. Ceci is a great coach and knows the mountains like no other so her coaching on composition was particularly valuable.

— Andrew Partridge, Patagonia ’19

Randy and Ceci are each great guides in their own rights but put them together and they are an AWESOME team. I am so glad I took the extension to Patagonia it was absolutely amazing!