Dan Evans

Dan Evans
Dan Evans

Dan Evans’s photography uniquely captures the wilderness in Alaska. His intimate pictures of wildlife and wild places are derived from a rare relationship with the land. An experienced mountaineer and outdoorsman, Dan Evans has summited Denali, skied across the Juneau Ice Fields, bicycled across Canada, and kayaked and hiked much of the wildest geography of the Last Frontier.

Dan Evans’ line of books, posters, and calendars is sold annually to people worldwide. In addition to his products, Dan’s photographs have appeared in many publications, including National Geographic, the New York Times, Outside, Alaska, Alaska Airlines, Patagonia, and many more. He has worked for a television program called “Wild Things,” where he traveled the Alaskan and Canadian Arctic photographing polar bears, walrus, and caribou, and recently for National Geographic photographing American Bison in South Dakota.

Raised in the Catskill Mountains of New York, Dan has lived in Alaska for over 34 years. He and his wife Janet continue to spend much of their time outdoors, finding new angles and vantage points to photograph Alaska and all that makes it special. His business, Dan Evans/Northern Images, provides a wide range of photos, books, and posters, stock images, and workshops that capture the spirit of the last frontier.


It was a great trip, from start to finish. Dan was an EXCEPTIONAL host, guide, teacher, and more. His knowledge of the area is unmatched. He knows every waterway, cove, island, and trail. We missed nothing: eagles, sea otters, sea lions, whales, bears, seabirds, and spectacular scenery. His easygoing manner and great sense of humor made the journey a pleasure. His wife, Janet, cooked for us several nights and could not have been more hospitable. The opportunities for photography were unlimited with a nice mix of landscape, animals, and birds. Thank you for the privilege of being able to spend time with Dan. He is an Alaskan treasure. My first trip there and I'll be back.

— Larry Benjamin, Larry Benjamin Private ’18

Dan certainly was everything you could want in a guide. Lots of energy, start as early and go as late as we wanted, great passion for and great knowledge of the Sitka outdoors and photography techniques and eager to share same with us, multiple suggestions for spontaneous adventures, very patient and helpful with a Lightroom neophyte like me, very conscious of safety (including safely maneuvering the boat for optimal photos in challenging sea conditions, and always packing appropriate Grizzly defense tools) but perhaps even more importantly than all of that, he was so down to earth and easy and fun to be with and both he and Janet made us feel like old friends and really part of their family during our stay. Our trip was over before we knew it! Looking forward to my next Muench adventure!!

— Bob Emerson, Larry Benjamin Private ’18