Marc Muench

I’m thrilled to be offering photography workshops! We’ve already been to some of the coolest places on the planet, and we’ll keep striving to find the best locations to bring our guests. I am discovering that from teaching, I learn what I need to know inside and out, the important virtues of photography. What for me has become second nature must be carefully mapped into a guide of truths, concepts and tips that are presented in different ways depending on location of the workshop and level of the photographer, our guest.

— Marc Muench
Marc Muench

Marc Muench is a professional landscape and wildlife photographer. He is a third-generation photographer following what his grandfather Josef Muench started in the 1930s and continuing what his father David Muench accomplished in the following decades.

Marc’s work is inspired by the time he spent in the field throughout his childhood, traveling with his family to most of the National Parks, Wildlife preserves, and Wildernesses throughout the US. Marc’s commercial and personal work focused on the largely undeveloped landscape as a theme. His commercial work throughout the 90s included such advertising agencies as Chiat/Day, McCann, and more. His work appeared as feature articles in National Geographic, Outside, Arizona Highways, etc. Additionally, Marc is focused on teaching photography through workshops and publications, including The Art of Seeing and The Art of Luminosity here.

“Photography provides a lifelong learning curve, which is why I’ve always focused on it as a profession. However, I am never bored of it and continually inspired by the diversity of people and places I’ve experienced through my photographic eyes”.

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Marc is incredible. What depth of knowledge and experience And such a patient teacher.

— Sally Cameron, Lightroom To Print ’19

Marc was amazing!! We knew about the talent but what he demonstrated with the group was beyond that. He was extremely patient and fun to be around. He made the grayish thing look amazing... I enjoyed meeting all the great people that were part of the shop and I would love to do it again!!! FYI.. The food was awesome as well!! Thank you for a great experience !!

— Tania Eubanks, Canadian Rockies ’16

Marc is sooo patient and thorough. I actually retained some things!

— Steve Hallmark, Santa Barbara Outback ’13