Marcus McAdam

Marcus McAdam
Marcus McAdam

Marcus McAdam is one of the UK’s leading landscape and travel photographers. Along with his team of pros, he runs a Scottish-based photo workshop business which sees him and his team covering all corners and islands of the country – an area they know intimately. Marcus also produces a popular Youtube show – Photography Online, where he can be seen explaining all kinds of camera skills and techniques.

Having lived and worked in places such as China, Italy, Rwanda, and India, Marcus has a rich experience with many genres of photography, including portraiture, architecture, and documentary. He shoots for corporate clients worldwide and has been published in many photo magazines.

Marcus likes to shoot film and digital, but the former gets him most enthusiastic. He can often be seen standing behind some very large or vintage cameras. Many of these are panoramic cameras, so many of his images are in this format. He loves developing and printing his work in the traditional manner.

Being a bit of a purist and perfectionist, Marcus strives to capture the landscape as it naturally appears, so don’t discuss things like sky replacement with him!

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