Skarpi Þráinsson

Skarpi Þráinsson
Skarpi Þráinsson

Skarphedinn Þráinsson (Skarpi) is a mechanical engineer and nature photographer from a small village on the east coast of Iceland. He has a passion for outdoors traveling, hunting, fishing, and exploring the nature of Iceland. His exquisite photography specializes on the nature of Iceland, including volcanoes, ice caves, animals, and classic landscapes.

Skarpi’s images have appeared in numerous national and international publications, books, and calendars, including The Risk of Darkness by Susan Hill, Discover Magazine, Digital Photo Magazine, USA Today, Daily Mail, The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Daily Express, Merde Magazine, Metro, Extrabladet, The Sun, Museum of Natural Sciences, The Independent, Hamburg Abend Blatt, Mare, Suomen Kuvalehty…and others.

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I totally enjoyed our wonderful and grueling photo workshop. I appreciated the detailed planning that you have made and Skarpi's enthusiasm in taking us to the best photo sites, night and day. I have finally finished reviewing and making initial adjustments to my images. Now I have a wonderful collection of images as priceless remembrance. Thank you and hope to join you again in the future.

— John Pan, Iceland ’15

Skarpi was a great leader. He's a fine photographer, patient, has a great sense of humor, and never gets exasperated or out of sorts. With this very accomplished group of photographers, who scattered to the winds at almost every location, he never lost sight of anyone and we always felt safe.

— Steven Oboler, Iceland ’15

This was the best workshop I've joined to date! Kevin was just an outstanding leader in every respect and Skarpi adds a wealth of local knowledge that makes for an outstanding experience. To top that off they are both fun and really good people!

— Andrew Partridge, Iceland ’18