Assignment #13 – Reflections

Reflection photography means using a reflective or mirror-like surface to capture an artistic version of a subject. The reflection may be quite literal, such as a mountain reflected in a lake, or it may be more abstract, such as a series of images reflected in funhouse mirrors. Reflections can create depth in an image, or help us to emphasize our subject by repeating it or showing it in a new way. They also present plenty of opportunities for creativity!

Seeing reflections requires us to look at a scene with a fresh eye, and also requires a good comprehension of perspective and angles. Reflections are present in nature and in city scenes. Look in still bodies of water, and in glass or shiny metal. They really are everywhere once you start looking! What reflections can you find? What creative compositions can you come up with?

Once captured, show off your reflection images on our Muench University Facebook page! Our pros will be waiting to offer helpful commentary, and we also encourage you to leave comments on each other’s images.

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