Assignment #19 – Leading Lines

This assignment will get you to look at ‘leading lines’. This assignment aims to teach you how to direct your photo viewer to see your main subject using a compositional element of lines.

There are two ways you can achieve this:

  1. Choose the subject of your photo, then look around for lines in the scene that you can use to ‘lead’ the viewer to the subject.

  2. Find an interesting line, then determine what the subject of your photograph is.

Remember that lines can be man-made or natural—for instance, the curb along the side of the road or a forest pathway. Even the curve of a cloud that points to a building.

Use this assignment as an excuse to get outside and go for a walk near your home. Walk downtown or in the woods and look around you for exciting lines that lead the eye to a subject. There is a fantastic assortment of leading lines out there in the world, and once you begin to see them, you will start to see things differently.

Give it a try! Show us your creative, COVID-safe leading line images that you’ve taken THIS ASSIGNMENT PERIOD and post them on our Muench University page. Commentary on your shot and others’ shots is encouraged, and our pros will be waiting with some helpful commentary as well.

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Assignment #7 – Composing With Curves

Curves are inherently pleasing and are strong compositional elements as well. They can take many forms in an image, from a simple C-curve or an undulating S-curve to circles, arches, and even the classic spiral.

Assignment #4 – Pattern and Repetition

Repetition of forms in an image is pleasing to the eye in much the same way that rhythm is pleasing to the ear in music. The eye tends to follow repetition, giving a sense of movement in the image. our assignment is to find patterns and repetition around you in your home. Use them in your images to create compelling compositions (just like music!)

Assignment #24 – Emotions

Learning the technical side of portrait photography can be quick and relatively easy. But part of making a great portrait is able to get your subject(s) to show true emotion. Capturing genuine emotion in portrait photography could arguably be one of the more difficult tasks of a photographer.

Assignment #8 – Focus Stacking

What is focus stacking? It’s a technique to achieve greater depth of field in your image by combining images taken at different focus distances into a single image.

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