Assignment #23 – Year In Review

While unforeseen circumstances can be challenging—and 2020 was certainly unforeseen by most of us!—they are also an opportunity for growth. At Muench Workshops, we’ve been so pleased to see the level of engagement in these assignments, and the thoughtful comments you’ve been providing for each other. It’s clear how important photography has been for you this year, and how much you’ve all been striving to improve!

Our theme for the last assignment of 2020 is Year in Review. Select from any of the techniques and/or themes we’ve presented this year that were new to you, and show us your favorite images you shot. A description outlining your thoughts is also highly encouraged! What did you learn from trying the assignment? How will you use the technique going forward, or how will you further explore the theme?

The year 2020 was certainly a tough one for everyone, but it wasn’t without some bright spots. Let’s celebrate personal growth this week at Muench University. As always, your comments on each other’s posts are welcome!

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Assignment #27 – Memories

This week rather than shooting new images, let’s highlight some of the magic places we’ve experienced along the way and that we hope to return to soon. Whether you traveled around the world, or down the street for your image, please give us a comment on what makes the image–and the place–special for you.

Assignment #22 – Different Perspectives

There are many different ways to photograph a scene. Your point of view, the positioning of your camera, and even your focal point can all have a dramatic impact on the scene that you decided to capture.

Assignment #21 – Thankfulness

What are you giving thanks for? What brings you joy? Maybe it’s a new grandchild or a long faithful pet. Perhaps it’s the first snowfall of the season, a bright moon on a quiet night, or your favorite well-worn trail. It might even be a warm cup of tea, a good book, or something completely unexpected that stops you in your tracks and makes you smile.

Assignment #1 – Birds in Your Community

Every community has birds, and it’s not tough to find them. While your local birds may not be the most exotic, they still represent a great opportunity for practicing your photography.

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Cyber Monday Sale!

$750 Off Any Workshop


Sign up for any workshop before midnight, November 28, 2023, and we’ll apply your $750 discount to your final balance payment.