Assignment #27 – Memories

All of us at Muench Workshops would like to thank you for your participation in our assignments over the last six months! We hope that you’ve had some fun and found inspiration in each other’s images. We certainly have.

Many of you have passed the time during the pandemic going through older archives of images, which always brings back memories. This week rather than shooting new images, let’s highlight some of the magic places we’ve experienced along the way and that we hope to return to soon. Whether you traveled around the world, or down the street for your image, please give us a comment on what makes the image–and the place–special for you.

After you have selected your image, upload your post on our Muench University Facebook page. Our pros will be waiting to offer helpful commentary, and we also encourage you to leave comments on each other’s images.

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Assignment #22 – Different Perspectives

There are many different ways to photograph a scene. Your point of view, the positioning of your camera, and even your focal point can all have a dramatic impact on the scene that you decided to capture.

Assignment #21 – Thankfulness

What are you giving thanks for? What brings you joy? Maybe it’s a new grandchild or a long faithful pet. Perhaps it’s the first snowfall of the season, a bright moon on a quiet night, or your favorite well-worn trail. It might even be a warm cup of tea, a good book, or something completely unexpected that stops you in your tracks and makes you smile.

Assignment #24 – Emotions

Learning the technical side of portrait photography can be quick and relatively easy. But part of making a great portrait is able to get your subject(s) to show true emotion. Capturing genuine emotion in portrait photography could arguably be one of the more difficult tasks of a photographer.

Assignment #23 – Year In Review

Our theme for the last assignment of 2020 is Year in Review. Select from any of the techniques and/or themes we’ve presented this year that were new to you, and show us your favorite images you shot.