Assignment #31 – Creating a Sense of Scale

Using a recognizable object like an animal or a human to scale a scene helps the viewer grasp just how grand and majestic a scene really is.

Adding a familiar reference point to your landscape images helps give a sense of proportion. So, for this week’s assignment, place a person, animal, or object in your composition to show just how impressive the scene is.

Your photos can be taken in the city or out in the landscapes around your home.

Please show us your interpretations of scale at Muench University. The community and our group of pro photographers will eagerly be waiting to give you some feedback and share some of their photos to give you more ideas.

Happy Shooting!

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Assignment #2 – Minimalism

Perhaps one of the hardest things to do as a photographer is to learn to compose images that are simple, yet still powerful. Creating a powerful minimalist image is hard because we don’t see minimal scenes with our own eyes.

Assignment #4 – Pattern and Repetition

Repetition of forms in an image is pleasing to the eye in much the same way that rhythm is pleasing to the ear in music. The eye tends to follow repetition, giving a sense of movement in the image. our assignment is to find patterns and repetition around you in your home. Use them in your images to create compelling compositions (just like music!)

Assignment #7 – Composing With Curves

Curves are inherently pleasing and are strong compositional elements as well. They can take many forms in an image, from a simple C-curve or an undulating S-curve to circles, arches, and even the classic spiral.