We’ve been thrilling our guests since our very first workshop in 2007. Hundreds of workshops around the world later, clients keep returning, with nearly 75% of our workshops filled by repeat clients. Here’s what some of them have to say.

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I was so pleased to find the workshop turned out to be much more than I expected. Andy takes such great care of people. I noticed this on several occasions, where he was very diligent in meeting individuals' needs, from photography to food and comfort! Marc was consistently kind, patient, and so easygoing. Both men really shined, which is not easy to do with the dynamics of keeping tabs on a group and maintaining a schedule to give us optimal opportunities.

— Kim Lewin, Palouse ’15

Kevin, thank you for a terrific experience in Russia & Siberia. Your soft touch style was perfect for me as I am used to doing my own thing. But, I appreciated how you kept us on course and worked so well with Vladimir. He also did a phenomenal job and I personally enjoyed the mix of landscape, people, and night shooting. Siberian road adventures aside, the trip had a nice balance including a slice of Moscow. I enjoyed learning from your photography and travel experiences and the drone lesson too.

— Matt Conti, Lake Baikal and Reindeer Herders ’20

Wayne and Kevin were phenomenal and I learned a ton! Very excited about the images I took and the new techniques I learned. Far surpassed my expectations!

— Brian Hicks, Wild Utah Night Skies ’21

It was a terrific experience. Greg and Tom are very knowledgeable and patient. I learned a lot and plan to attend another workshop soon.

— Karen Davis, Yellowstone and Tetons ’19

I just finished up an amazing photography workshop with Muench Workshop. The lead photographers Wayne Suggs and Kevin Lisota were amazing in their guidance to composition in the field and settings as needed. The classroom time for preparing for our landscape, astrophotography, and our post-editing education was top-notch. I encourage you to check them out and all the wonderful workshops that Muench Workshops offers.

— Frances Kuelz, Wild Utah Night Skies ’21

Randy was very attentive to individual participants with instructions in the field and reviewing the pictures. He did a great job providing maximum services at the hotels and restaurants. Skarpi was very good at getting us to the site at the right time of day and putting us in the right position to shoot.

— Frantz Vincent, Iceland Highlands Randy ’16

Marc was amazing!! We knew about the talent but what he demonstrated with the group was beyond that. He was extremely patient and fun to be around. He made the grayish thing look amazing... I enjoyed meeting all the great people that were part of the shop and I would love to do it again!!! FYI.. The food was awesome as well!! Thank you for a great experience !!

— Tania Eubanks, Canadian Rockies ’16

I would like to state my appreciation for the daily efforts of Muench Workshops leaders, Richard and Johnathan, for doing an excellent job. They kept us busy and moving, provided valuable critiques, provided ideas for our shots in the field, and were always available to help.

— Mark Frey, Adirondack Fall Foliage ’21

Just finished an amazing workshop with Greg and Tom at Yellowstone and Tetons! They gave fantastic input and thoughtfully challenged us while taking us to spectacular locations. My skills were sharpened and my soul was nourished!!!! This was one of the most intentionally instructive workshops I have attended. I really filled in some gaps I had in my photographic knowledge and also was given a lot to think about and to practice. I am very appreciative.

— Sarah Dormois, Yellowstone and Tetons ’21

Very active workshop, no time to dilly dally, which was great. Really enjoyed the setup and structure of each day. I'm really glad we had the food catered. That really beats having to go out for each meal and wait, particularly with the size of group.

— Jack Gillum, Arches and Canyonlands ’13

Dan certainly was everything you could want in a guide. Lots of energy, start as early and go as late as we wanted, great passion for and great knowledge of the Sitka outdoors and photography techniques and eager to share same with us, multiple suggestions for spontaneous adventures, very patient and helpful with a Lightroom neophyte like me, very conscious of safety (including safely maneuvering the boat for optimal photos in challenging sea conditions, and always packing appropriate Grizzly defense tools) but perhaps even more importantly than all of that, he was so down to earth and easy and fun to be with and both he and Janet made us feel like old friends and really part of their family during our stay. Our trip was over before we knew it! Looking forward to my next Muench adventure!!

— Bob Emerson, Larry Benjamin Private ’18

This was my second trip with Kevin. I really like his low-key attitude. Without question, Kevin was most interested in our photographic success and having fun. He was willing to stay out as late as required in our attempts to see and photograph the Aurora. He was willing to do what it took to get shots for us. I have been on other trips where that was not the case.

— Greg Cook, Yukon Wildlife ’18

Greg Vaughn is a class act. He is an excellent instructor and a gentleman. Up till now, I have booked trips based on location, but in the future, I might book a trip I would otherwise not be too excited about if he was to be the instructor.

— Bob Slackman, Olympic National Park ’21

Special note: Although all Muench people were superb, I want to pay special note to Lisa. She is a real gem. Her knowledge teaching skills and ability to communicate with groups and individuals are incredible.

— Dennis Steinauer, Antarctica ’18

Randy is an excellent instructor. Period. If I were a novice, I would have been floored by his ability to teach. Randy is approachable and has a lot to offer in the education department.

— Chelsea Tischler, Tanzania Randy ’16

One thing that really sets Muench Workshops apart is the personal attention in the months leading up to the adventure. I was astonished that Andy called me directly to talk about the workshop when I emailed my interest. It meant the world to me that he cared enough to work with me to help me get to the point of being able to make the decision to attend. The opportunity to ask him questions during the prep for the workshop was fantastic and helped take some of the guesswork out of the prep regarding adequate layers. As it turned out, without that interaction, I would not have upgraded my already significant cold-weather gear (which was critical for this adventure) ...and been cold. I never expected -20 degree boots would not be sufficient!

— Debbie McIntosh, Mongolia Winter Migration ’19

Marc always gives wonderful suggestions and explanations. I have been using Lightroom for years, but learn lots EVERY time.

— Joan Arnold, Eastern Sierras ’15

Excellent, particularly in Lofoten. Cody did a great job putting us in the best location given the light and weather at any particular time.

— Christine Hsieh, Norway ’18

The workshop exceeded expectations! Randy and Ceci are outstanding professionals who work exceptionally well as a team. They obviously have a deep respect for each other and that translates well into the way they built their very positive relationships with us as individuals and as a team. Gotta love the way Randy leads, directs, coaches suggests, and shares his vast knowledge of the craft. Ceci is a great coach and knows the mountains like no other so her coaching on composition was particularly valuable.

— Andrew Partridge, Patagonia ’19

I learned so much. Both Marc and Andy were great and couldn't do enough to help in every way possible.

— Steve Hollander, Galapagos ’13

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Cyber Monday Sale!

$750 Off Any Workshop


Sign up for any workshop before midnight, November 28, 2023, and we’ll apply your $750 discount to your final balance payment.