Andy’s Review of Gura Gear’s Bataflae Camera Bag

OK guys, this isn’t your normal review, but I cannot resist telling you all about this camera backpack. As you know, we don’t really have sponsors here at Muench Workshops, and when we promote something, it’s simply because we love it. I’m going to tell you today about Gura Gear’s newest camera bag, the Bataflae. I’ve been using Gura Gear bags for a couple of years now. They were conceived and designed by my good friend Andy Biggs. Yeah, I know, many of you will first say, “what the eff, $450 for a camera bag????” I get it, I truly do.

Now let me tell you why that money is well spent.

Gura Gear bags have an unmatched quality in workmanship and design. Who should use them? Any photographer, really — but if you are the traveling sort, then you simply MUST HAVE this bag. For starters, the bags are light – created out of the same fabric powering America’s Cup sailboats, the bags are both strong AND light – easily 8-10 pounds lighter than other manufacturer’s bag’s that may (or likely not) hold as much. Think about it: you’re going on a week-long shoot, with all or most of your gear, and you have an extra 10 lbs of insult to carry as well? Fuhgeddaboudit.

OK, so it’s strong and light. What next? How about the ease with which this thing swallows up ALL of your gear? You can put a pro body (Nikon, Canon, Phase 1, etc) and a super long lens (200-400, 300, 400, 500) with the body attached, on one side of the very unique butterfly design of this bag. And on the other side, you can stow your second body, 70-200, several more lenses, flash(es), accessories, and STILL have room for snacks, lunch, light jacket, laptop, reading material, and more. The entire inside of the bag is configurable by you.

There are outside pockets for all your accessories: memory, charger(s), phone, intervalometer, flashlight, bug spray, filters, pano gear, and more. Plenty of room for your tripod on the outside, facing rearward, or on one of the sides – your choice! Oh and there’s a handy rain cover built-in, so you can protect everything. Laptop? no problem – it fits right inside. Why? Because the new bags from Gura Gear open in both the “butterfly fashion” as well as the traditional “all the way” fashion.

Some of the best design elements from Gura Gear’s previous bags continue on the Bataflae line: totally configurable insides – you name it, this bag can swallow it; zippers are sewn in so that they are water-resistant; super-comfortable strap and waist-belt system that spreads the weight evenly and makes carrying this bag a dream; when not in use, the strap system stows away in the rear of the pack, making it a super bag for use on safari (where you’re in vehicles much of the time). Oh did I mention that this bag can stow in the overhead of regional jets as well as the big jets? Yep, take it on board with you!

Every single serious traveling photographer I’ve met and shown this bag to wants one. And why not? Our bag holds the gear of our livelihood and our passion – and if we’re schlepping 1/2 way across the globe, let’s use the best one possible to protect our gear and make that part of our life easy.

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