We’ve been thrilling our guests since our very first workshop in 2007. Hundreds of workshops around the world later, clients keep returning, with nearly 75% of our workshops filled by repeat clients. Here’s what some of them have to say.

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Greg Vaughn is a class act. He is an excellent instructor and a gentleman. Up till now, I have booked trips based on location, but in the future, I might book a trip I would otherwise not be too excited about if he was to be the instructor.

— Bob Slackman, Olympic National Park ’21

Thanks, Marc for an incredible class! My brain is swimming! Every workshop I learn more and want to do more shooting and now better editing, even printing!

— Sally Cameron, Lightroom To Print ’19

Wow. I can't get over how much I learned. Thank you, Wayne and Kevin! I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet such an amazing and diverse group of people. I will remember this week for the rest of my life.

— Jason Lorenz, Wild Utah Night Skies ’21

The Monument Valley Workshop was the best, without any hitch. Tom and Greg were and are great. They were professional, well prepared, and very focused on the clients and the goals of the workshops. In the many workshops I have attended, they are the top of the group. Greg is a great teacher and always on the ball. Tom is a real workhorse. They represented and surpassed all expectations.

— Tim Needham, Monument Valley ’21

Marc is sooo patient and thorough. I actually retained some things!

— Steve Hallmark, Santa Barbara Outback ’13

Greg has to be one of the most kind and patient photographers/human beings I have ever met. His photographic knowledge and knowledge of Olympic national park are outstanding.

— Charles Taylor, Olympic National Park ’21

Randy and Ceci are each great guides in their own rights but put them together and they are an AWESOME team. I am so glad I took the extension to Patagonia it was absolutely amazing!

— Mike Dillon, Patagonia ’19

Marc was totally brilliant in his availability and assistance with helpful photographic tips etc.

— Margaret Hobbs, New Zealand ’16

The areas we went were gorgeous and full of opportunities, with room to spread out. It was obvious how much work Greg had put into scouting to ensure the group had maximum time at great locations. He developed a great itinerary and adapted it to meet the conditions. Both Greg and Tom were clearly VERY knowledgeable of the area. Greg was persistent and got us into the Fern Canyon which I really wanted to photograph. Would have loved to have had a great lupine pick, but you can't control Mother Nature. 🙂 Greg and Tom were fantastic! I would definitely go on another workshop with them and in fact, I am! 🙂 I'm so happy they will be the guides on the Olympic workshop next year!!! They make a great team. I know at least two others in this group were seriously considering signing up for the Olympic workshop, largely in part to how much they enjoyed and learned from Greg and Tom, I think that says a lot.

— Karen Pippenger, Redwoods and Rhododendrons ’19

Both Tom and Greg were very helpful in teaching composition in the field. In addition, Greg sorted out most if not all my problems with Lightroom which was no small task. In fact, despite his obvious deep knowledge of Lightroom, he mentioned a couple of my issues he had not seen before. But he persisted and solved the issues.

— Bob Slackman, Olympic National Park ’21

Lisa, I can't thank you enough for everything, you were so patient with me, you taught me so much and thanks to that I evolved as a person and as a photographer. I learned many things I didn't know, and no matter how many times I asked you, you always explained them to me, you are a great teacher!

— Fernando Arriaga, Wild Utah Night Skies ’19

Wayne is one of those human beings that loves what he is doing and he has a style of photography that would help any type of photographer. Amazing knowledge and a great eye for composition. I have many years in photography and it was an immense pleasure spending time with Wayne, learning how he approaches photography.

— Gonzalo Barrutieta, Wild Utah Night Skies ’19

Since this was my first experience with real "landscape photography" I perhaps needed more guidance with others. And when I needed help, Marc and Cody were always around. Landscape photography (especially at night!) was much harder than I thought. I learned a lot and hope to apply some of these skills to night photography here in Paris.

— Peggy Anderson, Norway ’19

This was our 6th outing with Muench Workshops and I can't say enough good things about Marc Muench and Andy Williams. Aided by local Viking Skarphedinn Thrainsson they provided a once-in-a-lifetime photographic experience. Every time I go out with them I learn something about photography. Beyond that, they went above and beyond in taking care of our group. If any of my photographer friends are considering a workshop they can't go wrong by going with Muench Workshops.

— Harry Behret, Iceland ’15

Marc's creative ability and his patient approach make learning fun and easy. He is sincere yet laid back and I enjoyed his spontaneous comments and funny remarks.

— Steve Hollander, Galapagos ’13

Noel is a keeper. We had so much fun together. He is kind, smart, funny, creative, flexible, encouraging, and very knowledgeable about photography. And, he knows the area like the back of his hand. He could even read the weather system. He knew exactly how to judge where the light would be perfect for some incredible shots. We went above the clouds before sunrise, and I did a time-lapse (at his suggestion) on the fog rising until it encased us. Then he said that we needed to move to another location, it would take 20 minutes to get there, and then we would have light again. All-day long, it went on like this, moving around to get to the next place where the clouds parted, and we saw amazing views. He was spot-on all day long, moving around and getting to places with incredible views and perfect lighting. We kept joking about his crystal ball, but there was very little luck in this. It was his vast knowledge of the area and his ability to read the fronts around those mountains.

— Kathy Martin, Private with Kathy Martin ’17

Marc is amazing and has such a good eye. The critiques were invaluable to me.

— Steve Hollander, Galapagos ’13

Very active workshop, no time to dilly dally, which was great. Really enjoyed the setup and structure of each day. I'm really glad we had the food catered. That really beats having to go out for each meal and wait, particularly with the size of group.

— Jack Gillum, Arches and Canyonlands ’13

I would like to state my appreciation for the daily efforts of Muench Workshops leaders, Richard and Johnathan, for doing an excellent job. They kept us busy and moving, provided valuable critiques, provided ideas for our shots in the field, and were always available to help.

— Mark Frey, Adirondack Fall Foliage ’21

Wow! I am still saying that after 6+ months! Great workshop! We had many photographic opportunities with great backgrounds and good lighting. Marc is a top-notch instructor. Since we were on safari location, Marc met with each of us and provided critiques, etc. individually.

— Gloria Spellman, Kenya Safari ’19
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