We've been thrilling our guests since our very first workshop in 2007. Hundreds of workshops around the world later, clients keep returning, with nearly 75% of our workshops filled by repeat clients. Here's what some of them have to say. If you'd like to speak with a client of ours, or if you have any questions about our workshops, contact us by email or phone and we'll be there for you!

All the “above and beyond” effort that Andy puts into making sure every detail is covered and everyone feels special, as well as putting us in the right place at the right time for photography, makes every adventure worth every penny. You guys always put your heart and soul into these trips, and it shows–I can’t wait for more adventures!
— Chellie Hyre, CA Horses '12, Iceland '15, Svalbard '16, Yukon '16, San Juan River '17
The shooting venues, wildlife, landscapes, field instruction, image reviews and safari camps were all first-rate. So good in fact, that my wife and I have done four safaris with Muench Workshops. Andy and Marc do it right - don’t wait, go now, it’s the best experience ever.
— Harry Behret, Africa '11, '12, 13, '14, Horses '15, Iceland '16
On a Muench workshop, I’ve come to expect that I will always learn more about light, composition, my gear, and post processing than I knew going in.
— Bruce Terzes, Santa Barbara Outback, '13, African Safari '15, Big Sur '16, New Zealand '17
It’s the generous teaching by the instructors that makes Muench Workshops so fantastic. Thank you for another amazing workshop!
— Joan Arnold, Olympic '16, Canadian Rockies '16 and 14 other Muench Workshops
Andy and Marc are great workshop leaders and hosts–you always feel special, where ever and in any part of the world you might be. They have a special kind attitude and instructional style which makes their workshops very personal and photographically rewarding. It is like beeing with friends- who they are indeed!
— Thomas Happe, Greenland '15, Arches & Canyonlands '15
Andy, Marc & Skarpi - thank you for an absolutely wonderful workshop! Iceland itself was an amazing location, but in many ways it felt like home because of the level of organization and experience that you guys brought to the table. The photo opportunities and locations were stunning, and instruction was plentiful. An unforgettable experience!
— David Hsia, Iceland May '15
This note is not being written to blow your horn but to truly complement you on the terrific job you did to organize and run the workshop that Beth and I just finished attending. Your hospitality, leadership and ability to blend a diverse group of individuals was beyond reproach.
— Steve Hollander, Galápagos '13
This was an absolutely amazing workshop. The location was stunning, and we had great guides to take us around the island to visit beautiful landmarks. Even better were the pros and others who were all willing to give of their time to share tips and tricks out in the field and back at the computer for processing. What I learned from watching and asking questions of Marc and Andy, who are both very friendly and down to earth, as well as the rest of the group is immeasurable, and the photos I returned with reflect their guidance. I never anticipated to have so much FUN just gabbing with the other photographers on the workshop, and it was great to experience such a wide variety of approaches to landscapes. Great people. Amazing location. Awesome teachings. I can’t wait to experience another workshop!
— Kerry Ellis, Scotland '08
In the end the cost of the workshop was more beneficial than any money I spent on any of the equipment. I have never got the kind of benefit that I got from the workshop from any item I’ve purchased. Anyone out there who are wavering on going to a workshop DO IT!!! You’ll get more out of one weekend than you will in a year of shooting, and you’ll definetly get more out of a workshop than another perfect {insert name of lens or newest camera here}.
— Phil Hutson, Wild Utah '07