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Stay organized Lightroom while on the road: The Traveling Photographer

Confused about how to manage your Adobe Lightroom Classic CC library while on the road? After years of experience staying organized while on workshops, we’ve written a handy little guide to help keep you organized and your images safe while traveling. Click here to download this free guide!

Marc's online Creative Live Class: Landscape Photography

In Landscape Photography, he’ll teach you the skills and insights essential to memorable photographs of the natural world. Marc will help you:

  • Develop your eye by connecting with your subject

  • Execute great images in the field

  • Improve your post-production process through Lightroom

Marc will teach his approach to, what he calls, the Creative Trinity of Photography: composition, subject, and light. You’ll also learn how to improve the quality of your shots through Technical Trinity of Photography: ISO, aperture, and shutter.

Marc's Online Class: Settings for Landscape Photography

Join Marc Muench and build an essential understanding of camera settings for landscape photography. You'll begin by learning about different camera modes and when it's beneficial to use each. When you move on, you'll learn how to gauge the camera focus you need, set it and adjust your exposure for dynamic range. Marc will also guide you through lenses and aperture settings, before giving you best practices for unforgettable panoramas. Plus, you'll discover new tricks you can use for creative photo effects that lead to intriguing imagery.

Focus Stacking

Muench Workshops pro Wayne Suggs takes the mystery out of focus stacking.

Customize Your Photoshop Workspace

Muench Workshops pro Wayne Suggs helps you take control and personalize your photoshop for the most efficient workflow.

reCOMPOSE Photography Podcast

Andy Williams and Marc Muench host a biweekly podcast on all things photography! Click here to subscribe via iTunes, Google Play or listen right on the website.

Our Infrared Processing Workflow

We love shooting infrared! We've come up with a workflow and that we really like and we're happy to share it with you. Download the PDF, it's free. Of course, if you have questions, just contact us!

Content-aware fill is a useful tool for extending the edges of your image. You can do this when you’ve framed your subject too close to one of the edges of the frame, or to clean up rough edges of a stitched panorama. There are many reasons to use content-aware fill, and it’s really not difficult to do. Just be careful in its use when submitting images to competitions, or if there’s any other reason to be cautious of adding to the reality of the image.

This tutorial is written for use with Adobe Lightroom Classic and Adobe Photoshop.