Never Give Up

So you’re in an amazing place for quite some time. As soon as you’re ‘in the moment’ you start shooting, guns ablazing! We’ve all been there and done that. It’s cool. Very soon, you get accustomed to the surroundings, the environment, the wildlife, and the scenery. And you start making a list of “Shots I Must Get”. Well, fine, do that! But my message to you today is Never Give Up!

We recently had 8 days at the amazing Singita Sabi Sand in South Africa. Sure, we had 16 game drives, and I got shots starting with the first drive….. but it struck me, late in the trip, on my last day: I don’t have good, intimate shots of Zebras. And so, I directed our guides on that last night, “let’s find a dazzle of Zebras and walk amongst them!” Sure enough, our guide delivered, and we hung out with these guys and many more of their brethren for a couple of hours. It was wonderful to watch them cuddle and huddle in the late, sweet light.

I have a ton of “good” shots from this Safari trip – but, believe it or not, this one is my favorite and I think, the best of the trip. And I got it on the very last night, by planning for it, thinking about it, and asking for it! For the curious: yeah, I have dozens of shots of this parent and child – why choose this one? Eye contact with me, lighting on their fur from behind, the intimacy, and their tails are in sync!
Never give up!

Enjoy (safari) photography,

PS: Marc Muench and I are running another Safari in Africa, February 2013. There are just a couple spots left so hurry!

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