10 Great Photography Gifts under $100

It’s the gift-giving time of year, so we thought we’d put together a list of some of the coolest photo gifts for the outdoor photographer that you can give, or put on your own list for Santa Claus or Hanukkah Harry! We don’t receive anything for recommending these items, we use them ourselves and love them enough to recommend them to you and your friends. Share this post with the spouse, significant other, or family members of your photography friends, they’ll be very grateful!

Enjoy (gift-giving) photography, 

Andy, Marc & Dave

Neos Overshoes – a great invention – these super light waterproof overshoes go over your boots, and keep you dry and toasty warm even when standing nearly knee-deep in icy water.

Lenscoat Raincoat – a must-have for the outdoor photographer. We love the weather protection this little sleeve gives when caught out in the rain. The medium size will handle most DSLRs and medium lenses (up to 200mm).

BlackRapid Camera Strap – we love the comfort and strength of these straps when we’re carrying our cameras. Try the “Classic” for most DSLRs and the “Metro” for smaller cameras such as mirrorless systems.

SmugMug Photo Website – if your photographer doesn’t have their photos online, give them a stunning photo website on SmugMug. Start them on the Power level, and if they want to sell, they can later upgrade to Pro. Give one, two or three years!  Bonus: if you are already a SmugMug subscriber, you’ll get referral credits for giving!

Hoodman Hoodloupe – perfect for reviewing your LCD screen in bright light, and for checking critical focus in any light.

Borrowlenses.com Gift Certificate – someone on your list is lusting after some expensive glass or a new camera? Give them a gift certificate so they can rent it before buying.

Gura Gear Et Cetera Cases – very handy cases, that will hold and organize tons of stuff for the traveling photographer. The larger cases handle chargers, cords, tools, etc, and the smaller cases are very useful for filters, cloths, and other small items. Look at the bundles.

Gorillapod – extremely handy, for getting that shot you simply can’t get with a standard tripod. Get the SLR Zoom model for DSLR, and get the Hybrid model for a Mirrorless system.

Princeton Remix Headlamp – four lighting options, including the ever-useful red for night photography, this lamp also has super high-power LEDs for maximum light output, great for walking back in the dark.

Tenba Wraps – we love these wraps, they are great for protecting your lenses, camera, heck even a laptop. Be sure to get all three sizes.

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Cyber Monday Sale!

$750 Off Any Workshop


Sign up for any workshop before midnight, November 28, 2023, and we’ll apply your $750 discount to your final balance payment.