Wayne Suggs

Wayne Suggs
Wayne Suggs

Wayne Suggs has been photographing landscapes for over 40 years. A Las Cruces, New Mexico native, Wayne was introduced to the wonders of nature at an early age by parents who knew the importance of having a relationship with the Great Outdoors. Wayne captures the beauty of the Southwest and shares his images not only for others to enjoy but to help increase awareness of the necessity to preserve our precious surroundings.  

Wayne has won numerous awards for his photography, including the 14th Annual New Mexico Magazine Photographer of the Year, the Oliver Award for his work on night photography with petroglyphs, and numerous others. His work can be seen in national, state, and local publications such as New Mexico Magazine, The Reflector Astronomy Magazine, New Mexico Travelers Guide, and the Wilderness Society Publications, to name a few. His work can also be seen in galleries around the Southwest.

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Wayne is one of those human beings that loves what he is doing and he has a style of photography that would help any type of photographer. Amazing knowledge and a great eye for composition. I have many years in photography and it was an immense pleasure spending time with Wayne, learning how he approaches photography.

— Gonzalo Barrutieta, Wild Utah Night Skies ’19

Highly recommend Wayne Suggs for this or any workshop. As you can see here, he's an amazing photographer and I can tell you from my own experience, a fantastic teacher. Of course, being a Muench Workshop means all the details will be top-notch.

— Howard Brainen, New Mexico Land of Enchantment ’18

I think they broke the mold when they made Wayne Suggs, he is without question one of the most passionate, dedicated, generous, and skilled professionals I have ever met and I’ve met many! He clearly loves to teach and is tireless in his pursuit of excellence. In fact, I think he's just tireless!!

— Andrew Partridge, Lazarra Partridge Private ’21