Noel Rogers
Noel Rogers

Born and raised on the Eastern shores of New Brunswick, Canada, Noel grew up with the Atlantic Ocean for a backyard. Summers spent on the sailboat and at the family cottage instilled a great love of the outdoors. Noel traded the ocean for the mountain ranges of Western Canada in his mid-twenties and has spent the last ten years exploring the numerous peaks and valleys that the Rockies are famous for.

Noel started his professional photography career shortly after moving to the mountains. He learned early on that to sustain a successful career with his camera, he would have to branch out from landscape photography and has immersed himself in many different aspects of the trade. Today he spends his time photographing Canada’s Olympic cross country and biathlon teams, numerous weddings, real estate and architecture, various backcountry lodges, as well as aerial photography.

Noel credits a big part of his photography career to his favorite client, Alpine Helicopters. He has been working and flying with them since he moved to the mountains and, with their help, has become one of the most experienced aerial photographers in Canada. Alpine’s tourism base in Canmore is bustling, with many different people coming through the doors. After spending two years running the photography desk for another company, Noel built the contacts and gained the experience needed to start a company of his own.  

 Through these contacts, Noel discovered one of his favorite places in the world —Mt. Assiniboine Lodge & Provincial Park. 

Stuck in the mud and sinking deeper after getting too close to one of Assiniboine’s famous reflection pools, Noel met his first group of Muench Workshop clients. If they had not walked by when they did, he would still be stuck there! Marc Muench was kind enough to lend a helping hand and pulled him out. Shortly after, Noel was brought on as a co-leader for the next workshop there. A major advantage Noel has at Assiniboine is that his next-door neighbors ran the lodge for 30 years and have shared a lot of the history and special places the area has to offer with him. 

Noel is currently obtaining his mountain guiding certifications and looks forward to bringing this skill set to future Muench Workshops. 

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Noel is a keeper. We had so much fun together. He is kind, smart, funny, creative, flexible, encouraging, and very knowledgeable about photography. And, he knows the area like the back of his hand. He could even read the weather system. He knew exactly how to judge where the light would be perfect for some incredible shots. We went above the clouds before sunrise, and I did a time-lapse (at his suggestion) on the fog rising until it encased us. Then he said that we needed to move to another location, it would take 20 minutes to get there, and then we would have light again. All-day long, it went on like this, moving around to get to the next place where the clouds parted, and we saw amazing views. He was spot-on all day long, moving around and getting to places with incredible views and perfect lighting. We kept joking about his crystal ball, but there was very little luck in this. It was his vast knowledge of the area and his ability to read the fronts around those mountains.

— Kathy Martin, Private with Kathy Martin ’17

I expected amazing vistas, but the hiking was beyond expectations, and the food/service at Lake O'Hara Lodge were splendid. I felt really pampered there. Noel was great. I really enjoyed having him on the workshop.

— Joseph Wu, Lake O’Hara ’18

One of the factors that made this trip unique was our local guide, Noel Rodgers. His intimate knowledge of the locations was critical to maximizing our photo opportunities with the shifting weather, both during the workshop and the private extension afterward with me, Thomas, and Gero.

— Roman Barniak, Canadian Rockies Assiniboine ’19

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Cyber Monday Sale!

$750 Off Any Workshop


Sign up for any workshop before midnight, November 28, 2023, and we’ll apply your $750 discount to your final balance payment.