We’ve been thrilling our guests since our very first workshop in 2007. Hundreds of workshops around the world later, clients keep returning, with nearly 75% of our workshops filled by repeat clients. Here’s what some of them have to say.

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Just finished an amazing workshop with Greg and Tom at Yellowstone and Tetons! They gave fantastic input and thoughtfully challenged us while taking us to spectacular locations. My skills were sharpened and my soul was nourished!!!! This was one of the most intentionally instructive workshops I have attended. I really filled in some gaps I had in my photographic knowledge and also was given a lot to think about and to practice. I am very appreciative.

— Sarah Dormois, Yellowstone and Tetons ’21

Talor was very knowledgeable and the critiques were awesome. Talor Stone is a great workshop leader. Really made the workshop fun. Would gladly take another workshop with her as the leader.

— Austin Ray, Waterfalls and Wildflowers ’21

I expected amazing vistas, but the hiking was beyond expectations, and the food/service at Lake O'Hara Lodge were splendid. I felt really pampered there. Noel was great. I really enjoyed having him on the workshop.

— Joseph Wu, Lake O’Hara ’18

One of the factors that made this trip unique was our local guide, Noel Rodgers. His intimate knowledge of the locations was critical to maximizing our photo opportunities with the shifting weather, both during the workshop and the private extension afterward with me, Thomas, and Gero.

— Roman Barniak, Canadian Rockies Assiniboine ’19

This was probably the best-kept secret of your workshop. David and Kevin were available 24/7 for questions, not only during Lightroom sessions but on the bus and in the field as to how to use my camera, set up for shots, etc.

— Bob Slackman, Newfoundland ’19

Wow! I am still saying that after 6+ months! Great workshop! We had many photographic opportunities with great backgrounds and good lighting. Marc is a top-notch instructor. Since we were on safari location, Marc met with each of us and provided critiques, etc. individually.

— Gloria Spellman, Kenya Safari ’19

Marc is amazing and has such a good eye. The critiques were invaluable to me.

— Steve Hollander, Galapagos ’13

Greg Vaughn is a class act. He is an excellent instructor and a gentleman. Up till now, I have booked trips based on location, but in the future, I might book a trip I would otherwise not be too excited about if he was to be the instructor.

— Bob Slackman, Olympic National Park ’21

I just finished up an amazing photography workshop with Muench Workshop. The lead photographers Wayne Suggs and Kevin Lisota were amazing in their guidance to composition in the field and settings as needed. The classroom time for preparing for our landscape, astrophotography, and our post-editing education was top-notch. I encourage you to check them out and all the wonderful workshops that Muench Workshops offers.

— Frances Kuelz, Wild Utah Night Skies ’21

Could not have been happier with Talor. She's pleasant, upbeat, super-knowledgeable, and full of energy. Being in a vehicle on lengthy drives with her and Lisa was a joy. So impressed with Talor's ability to demonstrate Lightroom techniques. She spoke for a content-rich hour and a quarter without an "um" or "ya know".

— Peary Stafford, Waterfalls and Wildflowers ’21

Since this was my first experience with real "landscape photography" I perhaps needed more guidance with others. And when I needed help, Marc and Cody were always around. Landscape photography (especially at night!) was much harder than I thought. I learned a lot and hope to apply some of these skills to night photography here in Paris.

— Peggy Anderson, Norway ’19

Special note: Although all Muench people were superb, I want to pay special note to Lisa. She is a real gem. Her knowledge teaching skills and ability to communicate with groups and individuals are incredible.

— Dennis Steinauer, Antarctica ’18

It exceeded my expectations. I really enjoyed the workshop. Richard has an enormous amount of knowledge and he explains things clearly. He is very good at giving critique and I would love to learn more from him.

— Robert Gandelman, Adirondack Fall Foliage ’21

Wayne was terrific. He was available as much or as little as I needed. He asked what our individual goals for the workshop were and then followed up as needed with each of us. I wanted to work on improving my composition skills, and Wayne checked in with me on each shoot, sometimes several times, and worked with me to help me improve. His instruction was top-notch!

— Marc Decker, New Mexico Land of Enchantment ’19

The workshop was excellent. Tom and Greg planned out the various stops and kept the group moving in a way that let us have time to photograph but also to maximize the various opportunities that the parks provided. Instruction from both Tom and Greg was both informative and relevant and was presented in each gent's unique manner. They each made the trip both instructional and fun and I would not hesitate to enroll in another workshop led by either or both of them. Many of the "classic" photo opportunities in both the Tetons and Yellowstone were presented, but time was also made to explore other venues and spontaneous opportunities. The decision to schedule the workshop at that particular time frame only enhanced the beauty of both Parks and was an excellent decision. As noted above, the instruction was excellent. Tom and Greg each have their own unique instructional styles and each works extremely well. Both were open to questions at any time and, in fact, sought out scattered workshop members at various locations to inquire if help was needed or if the shooter had questions. Really good job by both guys!

— Mike Cadem, Yellowstone and Tetons ’19

Greg Vaughn is a terrific photographer, an outstanding teacher, and a superlative guide. Greg always 'knows the territory. It doesn't matter if he 'wrote the book' for an area, as he did for both Oregon and Washington” by the way his books are easily the best in class or if he is going to a location for the first time. In either case, you can rest assured that he will be totally prepared in every way. He will know where to go and when to be there. He will have the light figured out. He will have the iconic shot zeroed in and he'll have several variants. I have been on a number of photo trips over the past 6 years. I have done more with Greg than anyone else and he is right in the very top echelon of photography professionals. When I'm with Greg, I always have a great time, I always learn a lot about the craft of getting a great image and I always come away with images I treasure. He is the quintessential pro.

— Steve Wood, Oregon Coast ’16

I appreciated the professionalism from first contact with Jess. I continued talking with Jess throughout the whole workshop. Didn’t have to worry about a thing.

— Judy Bock

This was my second trip with Kevin. I really like his low-key attitude. Without question, Kevin was most interested in our photographic success and having fun. He was willing to stay out as late as required in our attempts to see and photograph the Aurora. He was willing to do what it took to get shots for us. I have been on other trips where that was not the case.

— Greg Cook, Yukon Wildlife ’18

Marc's creativity is amazing and his ability to dissect quickly during critique sessions is much appreciated. I benefitted from this as well as his patience.

— Steve Hollander, Galapagos ’13

Of the several photo workshops I have attended, this one had the best instruction. Michael and Mike were proactive in offering help and advice. The critiques were honest, helpful, and encouraging.

— John O’Neil, Glacier National Park ’19