We’ve been thrilling our guests since our very first workshop in 2007. Hundreds of workshops around the world later, clients keep returning, with nearly 75% of our workshops filled by repeat clients. Here’s what some of them have to say.

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Both Greg and Tom were exceptional and very generous with their advice and instruction both in the field and in the classroom. They were an excellent team with complementary skills and perspectives. They made great efforts to provide instruction to each participant at her or his level and in many different contexts. Although I have attended quite a few workshops, I learned a great deal from both of them. Further, they are both truly nice and genuine people and it was a great pleasure to get to know them and spend this time with them. Yes, I am signed up for quite a few and this workshop only reinforced my appreciation for the approach you take. You have great planning and logistics, have found great locations, and all of the staff and leaders are excellent and provide great care for your clients. The leaders have all been excellent instructors, go out of their way to help all clients, are very conscious of safety, and just nice and fun people.

— Eric Herbolzheimer, Redwoods and Rhododendrons ’19

I can't say enough good things about other than I would really like to do more trips and or workshops with Michael in the future!!!

— Bob Shaw, Acadia ’18

Lisa was the most amazing instructor I have ever experienced, completely selfless making sure each of us got everything we need, wanted, and dreamed of. Most all instructors I've had in the past are more interested in getting the shot, for themselves, Lisa was 100% committed to our images.

— Jamie Johnson, Mongolia ’19

Greg Vaughn is a terrific photographer, an outstanding teacher, and a superlative guide. Greg always 'knows the territory. It doesn't matter if he 'wrote the book' for an area, as he did for both Oregon and Washington” by the way his books are easily the best in class or if he is going to a location for the first time. In either case, you can rest assured that he will be totally prepared in every way. He will know where to go and when to be there. He will have the light figured out. He will have the iconic shot zeroed in and he'll have several variants. I have been on a number of photo trips over the past 6 years. I have done more with Greg than anyone else and he is right in the very top echelon of photography professionals. When I'm with Greg, I always have a great time, I always learn a lot about the craft of getting a great image and I always come away with images I treasure. He is the quintessential pro.

— Steve Wood, Oregon Coast ’16

Randy is not only a professional photographer but also an excellent instructor. He did not save any effort to ensure the all the attendees were learning something new and all of their queries are answered. I would definitely take another workshop with him.

— Aziz Abdulrazaq, East Greenland Sailing Expedition ’19

The workshop was excellent. Tom and Greg planned out the various stops and kept the group moving in a way that let us have time to photograph but also to maximize the various opportunities that the parks provided. Instruction from both Tom and Greg was both informative and relevant and was presented in each gent's unique manner. They each made the trip both instructional and fun and I would not hesitate to enroll in another workshop led by either or both of them. Many of the "classic" photo opportunities in both the Tetons and Yellowstone were presented, but time was also made to explore other venues and spontaneous opportunities. The decision to schedule the workshop at that particular time frame only enhanced the beauty of both Parks and was an excellent decision. As noted above, the instruction was excellent. Tom and Greg each have their own unique instructional styles and each works extremely well. Both were open to questions at any time and, in fact, sought out scattered workshop members at various locations to inquire if help was needed or if the shooter had questions. Really good job by both guys!

— Mike Cadem, Yellowstone and Tetons ’19

We just returned from the Canadian Rockies trip and it was incredible. This is my second workshop and I can't wait to go on my next one. I learned so much with our fantastic teachers/guides Michael Strickland and Noel Rogers. They are passionate about photography, deeply knowledgeable, top-notch professionals, and just plain fun. If you want to be blown away by alpine beauty, do this trip with Muench Workshops.

— Sally Cameron, Canadian Rockies ’18

Wow! I am still saying that after 6+ months! Great workshop! We had many photographic opportunities with great backgrounds and good lighting. Marc is a top-notch instructor. Since we were on safari location, Marc met with each of us and provided critiques, etc. individually.

— Gloria Spellman, Kenya Safari ’19

Kevin, There's no way to really repay you for what you taught us. If I thanked you a million times, it still wouldn't cut it. The best I can do is pass along that knowledge to my photographer friends who will be extremely jealous after I show them the pictures! It wasn't just about the pictures and you made us all feel like we were your friend. It was pretty special. Stay in touch. Best regards,Nick

— Nick DiTrolio, Grizzlies and Northern Lights ’17

Special note: Although all Muench people were superb, I want to pay special note to Lisa. She is a real gem. Her knowledge teaching skills and ability to communicate with groups and individuals are incredible.

— Dennis Steinauer, Antarctica ’18

This was our 6th outing with Muench Workshops and I can't say enough good things about Marc Muench and Andy Williams. Aided by local Viking Skarphedinn Thrainsson they provided a once-in-a-lifetime photographic experience. Every time I go out with them I learn something about photography. Beyond that, they went above and beyond in taking care of our group. If any of my photographer friends are considering a workshop they can't go wrong by going with Muench Workshops.

— Harry Behret, Iceland ’15

Wayne is one of those human beings that loves what he is doing and he has a style of photography that would help any type of photographer. Amazing knowledge and a great eye for composition. I have many years in photography and it was an immense pleasure spending time with Wayne, learning how he approaches photography.

— Gonzalo Barrutieta, Wild Utah Night Skies ’19

It was a great trip, from start to finish. Dan was an EXCEPTIONAL host, guide, teacher, and more. His knowledge of the area is unmatched. He knows every waterway, cove, island, and trail. We missed nothing: eagles, sea otters, sea lions, whales, bears, seabirds, and spectacular scenery. His easygoing manner and great sense of humor made the journey a pleasure. His wife, Janet, cooked for us several nights and could not have been more hospitable. The opportunities for photography were unlimited with a nice mix of landscape, animals, and birds. Thank you for the privilege of being able to spend time with Dan. He is an Alaskan treasure. My first trip there and I'll be back.

— Larry Benjamin, Larry Benjamin Private ’18

Wayne is great it's that simple. Night photography is so much about location and timing and Wayne got us set up and ready for some great shots. I would also like to commend Wayne on his follow-up for my and the rest of the group's requests during and so far after the workshop.

— Bruce Fortelka, New Mexico Land of Enchantment ’19

Marc's classroom critique was the best I have experienced. He has a nice touch that is substantive yet does not intimidate. His balanced comments and demonstrations were most helpful to everyone.

— Eugene Wewerka, Death Valley ’14

I would like to state my appreciation for the daily efforts of Muench Workshops leaders, Richard and Johnathan, for doing an excellent job. They kept us busy and moving, provided valuable critiques, provided ideas for our shots in the field, and were always available to help.

— Mark Frey, Adirondack Fall Foliage ’21

I was so pleased to find the workshop turned out to be much more than I expected. Andy takes such great care of people. I noticed this on several occasions, where he was very diligent in meeting individuals' needs, from photography to food and comfort! Marc was consistently kind, patient, and so easygoing. Both men really shined, which is not easy to do with the dynamics of keeping tabs on a group and maintaining a schedule to give us optimal opportunities.

— Kim Lewin, Palouse ’15

Could not have been happier with Talor. She's pleasant, upbeat, super-knowledgeable, and full of energy. Being in a vehicle on lengthy drives with her and Lisa was a joy. So impressed with Talor's ability to demonstrate Lightroom techniques. She spoke for a content-rich hour and a quarter without an "um" or "ya know".

— Peary Stafford, Waterfalls and Wildflowers ’21

We learn so much from the critiques with Andy! Thanks!!!!

— Georgi Kleiman, Mongolia ’17

As a non-photographer, I didn't expect to learn so much. I thought I was just going along for the ride, and doing my best to stay out of the way of the professionals. I'm so glad Andy took the time to give me a mini-lesson. I got my tuition's worth along with fantastic memories and pics. Thank you.

— Paola Lloyd, Galapagos ’13