We’ve been thrilling our guests since our very first workshop in 2007. Hundreds of workshops around the world later, clients keep returning, with nearly 75% of our workshops filled by repeat clients. Here’s what some of them have to say.

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Kevin was an enormous asset! His knowledge of equipment, techniques, and software skills far exceeded my expectations.

— Jason Lorenz, Wild Utah Night Skies ’21

You guys always put your heart and soul into these trips, and it shows—can't wait for more adventures :).

— Chellie Hyre, Svalbard ’16

Lisa was the most amazing instructor I have ever experienced, completely selfless making sure each of us got everything we need, wanted, and dreamed of. Most all instructors I've had in the past are more interested in getting the shot, for themselves, Lisa was 100% committed to our images.

— Jamie Johnson, Mongolia ’19

Talor was very knowledgeable and the critiques were awesome. Talor Stone is a great workshop leader. Really made the workshop fun. Would gladly take another workshop with her as the leader.

— Austin Ray, Waterfalls and Wildflowers ’21

As a non-photographer, I didn't expect to learn so much. I thought I was just going along for the ride, and doing my best to stay out of the way of the professionals. I'm so glad Andy took the time to give me a mini-lesson. I got my tuition's worth along with fantastic memories and pics. Thank you.

— Paola Lloyd, Galapagos ’13

I had a great time and really learned a lot. I will definitely be on another workshop with you guys in the future.

— Marc Decker, Canadian Rockies ’14

Marc is amazing and has such a good eye. The critiques were invaluable to me.

— Steve Hollander, Galapagos ’13

I've been on several photography trips with Kevin. He has been reliable and willing to go the extra distance for his clients. He is very knowledgeable about the places and subjects of his excursions and is a wonderful photographer. Always a fun experience, as well as informative. Highly recommended.

— Donna Passero, Yukon Wildlife ’18

Marc's creative ability and his patient approach make learning fun and easy. He is sincere yet laid back and I enjoyed his spontaneous comments and funny remarks.

— Steve Hollander, Galapagos ’13

Of the several photo workshops I have attended, this one had the best instruction. Michael and Mike were proactive in offering help and advice. The critiques were honest, helpful, and encouraging.

— John O’Neil, Glacier National Park ’19

Marc's creativity is amazing and his ability to dissect quickly during critique sessions is much appreciated. I benefitted from this as well as his patience.

— Steve Hollander, Galapagos ’13

Randy was very attentive to individual participants with instructions in the field and reviewing the pictures. He did a great job providing maximum services at the hotels and restaurants. Skarpi was very good at getting us to the site at the right time of day and putting us in the right position to shoot.

— Frantz Vincent, Iceland Highlands Randy ’16

I can't say enough good things about other than I would really like to do more trips and or workshops with Michael in the future!!!

— Bob Shaw, Acadia ’18

I learned a lot. The one-on-one was great and very valuable. I would like to commend the two workshop leaders, Michael and Noel, for their enthusiasm, passion, and professionalism. They were able to adapt the program to the ever-changing conditions (weather, accommodations, etc.). I definitively got the impression they were genuinely interested in teaching us vs. taking their own shots & following their own agenda

— Michael Holzhey, Canadian Rockies ’18

Wow! I am still saying that after 6+ months! Great workshop! We had many photographic opportunities with great backgrounds and good lighting. Marc is a top-notch instructor. Since we were on safari location, Marc met with each of us and provided critiques, etc. individually.

— Gloria Spellman, Kenya Safari ’19

I expected amazing vistas, but the hiking was beyond expectations, and the food/service at Lake O'Hara Lodge were splendid. I felt really pampered there. Noel was great. I really enjoyed having him on the workshop.

— Joseph Wu, Lake O’Hara ’18

Noel is a keeper. We had so much fun together. He is kind, smart, funny, creative, flexible, encouraging, and very knowledgeable about photography. And, he knows the area like the back of his hand. He could even read the weather system. He knew exactly how to judge where the light would be perfect for some incredible shots. We went above the clouds before sunrise, and I did a time-lapse (at his suggestion) on the fog rising until it encased us. Then he said that we needed to move to another location, it would take 20 minutes to get there, and then we would have light again. All-day long, it went on like this, moving around to get to the next place where the clouds parted, and we saw amazing views. He was spot-on all day long, moving around and getting to places with incredible views and perfect lighting. We kept joking about his crystal ball, but there was very little luck in this. It was his vast knowledge of the area and his ability to read the fronts around those mountains.

— Kathy Martin, Private with Kathy Martin ’17

I have been on several photo trips with Kevin over the past few years and have had an outstanding experience and adventure on each of them. On my last trip with him in Ontario, he searched and networked with local photographers to locate where we could photograph Great Gray Owls. We drove for hours until we tracked one down and had the opportunity to see one of my bucket list birds. He has always gone above and beyond to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I am looking forward to joining him again in a few weeks to travel to Tanzania for what I know will be a great adventure!

— Paul Shea, Newfoundland ’17

This was my second trip with Kevin. I really like his low-key attitude. Without question, Kevin was most interested in our photographic success and having fun. He was willing to stay out as late as required in our attempts to see and photograph the Aurora. He was willing to do what it took to get shots for us. I have been on other trips where that was not the case.

— Greg Cook, Yukon Wildlife ’18

This was my first workshop but will not be my last. The workshop surpassed my expectations, which were fairly high to start with. Randy Hanna was an outstanding workshop leader and he went to great lengths to find appropriate locations for our photoshoots and I found his critique sessions especially valuable.

— Elliott Kagan, Palouse ’18