Talor Stone
Talor Stone

Talor Stone is a professional photographer and Ph.D. Arctic researcher located in Norfolk, Virginia. After beginning her professional life serving as a federal agent in the United States military, Talor broke from the traditional career path to pursue her passion for photography. Embarking on a life of photography has taken Talor on countless adventures across the globe, from spending four months backpacking across the American Southwest to exploring remote regions of the Peruvian Andes. During her first adventure to Greenland, Talor discovered her true love for the Arctic.

Talor’s experiences in the Arctic drove her to begin a Ph.D. focused on developing regional policies sensitive to climate change science and the needs of Arctic indigenous communities.  Her photographic pursuits echo these themes, focusing heavily on Arctic landscapes and other climate change-inspired projects.  Through photography workshops, Talor loves to introduce others to these magical and remote places and prides herself on being knowledgeable on a wide range of issues unique to these environments.  Her passion and enthusiasm for photography and the deeper meaning found through exploration are clear in her interactions with clients both in and out of the field.

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Talor was very knowledgeable and the critiques were awesome. Talor Stone is a great workshop leader. Really made the workshop fun. Would gladly take another workshop with her as the leader.

— Austin Ray, Waterfalls and Wildflowers ’21

Could not have been happier with Talor. She's pleasant, upbeat, super-knowledgeable, and full of energy. Being in a vehicle on lengthy drives with her and Lisa was a joy. So impressed with Talor's ability to demonstrate Lightroom techniques. She spoke for a content-rich hour and a quarter without an "um" or "ya know".

— Peary Stafford, Waterfalls and Wildflowers ’21

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